Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting A Student ID

Today my mother and I went to get a student ID at the nearby college which I am now enrolled in. To get the ID we required two things, my Student ID number, which I had, and a photo ID, which I was lacking.

You see, I don't drive, so I don't have a Driver's License yet, and obviously since I'm Homeschooled, I don't really use a student ID. So, first, my mom had to make me a Homeschool ID. And so she did. We took a picture of me, and made an ID. We went to get it laminated, and then went to the campus.

Once we got to the campus, we looked up where exactly we needed to go, and we... Well, went there. Once we got there we gave the woman working there my ID number and my ID, and she told me to go stand on an X. I did so, got my picture taken, and just seconds later I had a real student ID.

It's really cool having my ID now, it makes it feel much more real. Before, though I was enrolled, it didn't feel all that real, but now that I've actually got a student ID just sitting in my wallet, I really feel like a college student.

After getting my ID, we looked around the campus for a while. It's a very nice campus, with a large library, and it seemed pretty easy to get around in. I'm very excited to start my class at the end of this month!

We also had to get a parking pass, since in order to park at the college, you need one. So we got that too, while we were there. Unfortunately, the one we got only covers this summer, so once it's fall, I'll need to go get another one. I'm probably going to take driver's ed over the summer, so instead of them needing my mother's license, they'll be using mine next summer!

It's getting pretty close, my first college class. I'm excited!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

In A Blur...

I took this picture of my oldest son a few weeks ago quite by accident.  It was one of those "almost dropped the camera" moments and when I regained control of the camera the picture above was on the screen.  For a moment it almost took my breath away! Immediately it reminded me of how our homeschool days have passed in a blur.  No, it's not like I don't remember any of it.  I remember a lot.  But in my mind, when I think back, there are many memories I remember just like this picture.  It went too fast!

I went through "The Plan" I had made up for my sons high school years last night and realized that he only needs 1 1/2 credits to be DONE with highschool!  Considering he has 2 years left to take Dual Enrollment and CLEP College classes he will easily get those 1 1/2 credits (Health 1/2, Speech 1/2, PE 1/2) in the next 2 years.  So for all intents and purposes he is "done" with homeschooling!  I mean, he's not going anywhere!  He will still be home when he's not at the College taking classes.  And of course my husband and I will be guiding him though choosing classes and working with him on  studying for the CLEP tests.  But, that is pretty much it.  It's weird!  

One thing I am very grateful for is when we went to the dual enrollment meeting a few weeks ago the Dean in charge of the dual enrollment program took a lot of time telling this kids that College is THEIR responsibility!  I think this was important for both my son and I to hear.  I am sure it's not always going to be easy for me to step back and let him be in charge of his own education.  We have tried really hard to make his high school years practice for College by giving him the work and expecting him to do it.  Although I am now realizing that while it was good practice, it's really not the same at all!  You see with his High Schooling we really have just taught him until he got to an A level.  There was no cut off period where we said "If you don't understand this info by XYZ date you will fail!"  Of course that would be ridiculous and counterproductive.  Don't get me wrong.  He has never been at any risk of failing anything.  He has poured through the materials we have given him to the point that after 2 1/2 years of high school he is pretty much done!  But, there was just never the pressure of failure being a possibility.  That will be different with College.  (Not that I expect him to be at any risk of failing!)  For the first time in his life his needs and learning style will NOT be taken into consideration.  It's not the professors job to keep going until he's "A"ish!  LOL

So while we have done what we can to prepare him, we also need to brace ourselves that it's going to be different.  I believe he is ready! As much as he has loved being homeschooled, (And I have loved homeschooling him.) he is ready to be out in the world.  To interact with other students and teachers.  It's exciting and I am sure at times it will also be challenging.  

I am so grateful as I write this that we have had the opportunity to homeschool.  I am so grateful for all the hours we have had together.  The deep conversations.  They control over choosing curriculum.  The time to get him "A"ish at his own pace.  

So this post isn't at all what I sat down to write.  I was going to tell about moments that stand out in my mind so vividly.  But, I guess that will now be a post for another day.......