Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Want To Remember...

These are the things I want to remember from the day my oldest son took his early enrollment test for college...

I want to remember how I came downstairs in the morning and he was already dressed and ready.  He said "Mom, I put on a dress shirt.  Because I thought I should."  It was the first time in his life he had put on a dress shirt without me asking him to.  It made me realize, he is growing up and making good decisions!

Then he was walking around eating a bowl of HOT Oatmeal while wearing the Ove-Glove on his hand! He was too excited to sit still and eat breakfast! Seeing him with that Ove-Glove on made me laugh and I had to take his picture.  This made me realize he is doing a good job taking care of himself!

We left plenty early, which was a good thing! We were surprised how quickly we found a place to park...until we got inside and realized we were parked in the faculty parking! Ooooops!  We laughed our heads off!  Then we stopped by security and they said we could leave the car there until I dropped him off to take his test.  And if we got a ticket in the meanwhile to come back and they would excuse it.  It made me feel good that they were kind to us and didn't laugh at the 16 with his mommy trying to figure out College!

Next we got lost inside the building. The floor plan and the number system was bizarre!  I had NO idea where we were suppose to go.  But, thankfully once my son stopped listening/following me we found the place we were suppose to go with no trouble.  This made me feel relieved and happy to know he will be fine getting around campus and certainly doesn't need me to guide him!

I wasn't at all nervous while I waited for him to take the test.  I knew he would pass it!  But, I prayed for him.  Especially that he would relax ans just do his best.  This reminded me that God is always with him even when I cannot be!

He did the whole test in 1 hour and 8 minutes!  When I saw him coming down the hall walking towards where I was waiting I wondered, for just s second, if they had told him he had failed!  He didn't look happy!  But, he told me they said to wait with we waited....for nearly 30 seemed like forever!  Finally she came out to tell us the results.  She wasn't smiling.  She wasn't frowning.  She looked just like this was no big deal and she does it every day!  LOL  (Which she does!) She sat down, flipped open the file and said.  "He passed."  (very non-chalant.)  Then she looked at his numbers and said..."He did VERY well!"  (And smiled!)  I just LOVED that word VERY!  We chatted a few minutes and then she left. My son and I high fived each other until our hands hurt!  I never want to forget that moment!  It was a true celebration of the work we have done together for the last 16 years!

We headed to the elevator.  I was still on cloud nine!  In my excitement I repeatedly started pushing 2.  We were on the 2nd floor so nothing happened.  Eventually my son said "Mom, push the 1."  I laughed and said in a winey voice..."College is hard!"  We laughed some more.  I never want to forget how happy we both were at that moment!

When we got outside the College was having a sidewalk chalk festival.  We walked around and looked at the cool art.  The weather was perfect!  My son told me "I think God made this perfect weather day just for me so I wouldn't have to worry about the weather while I was taking my test."   This made me smile and reminded me that he loves the Lord and trusts in Him!  What more can a mother want for her son?

We sent a text to his dad that said "he passed!"  A few minutes later my husband replied "I knew he would!"  It was great moment!  This reminded me of all the trust and faith my husband has put in me over the years as I have homeschooled our kids!

Of course we had to have a victory lunch!  It was an awesome day!

These are the things I want to remember....