Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking the Accuplacer

Today I went to a nearby College and took the Accuplacer test, to become dual enrolled in the college. Specifically, I took 3 portions of the test, an essay, sentence skills, and reading comprehension. I had been practicing for several weeks. Once I passed, I would be able to enroll in an English class this summer.

So today I went bright and early to the local college and took the test. Well, first my mom and I got lost on the College Campus for around 30 minutes, but still, we reached the area where the test was being given, and I sat down and took the test on time.

First I wrote the essay, 5 paragraphs, 413 words, on whether or not "Happiness was a choice". Then I answered 20 questions on Sentence Skills and 20 more questions on Reading Comprehension. Altogether it took me around an hour and a half to take the test.

After I finished I went to go sit with my mom for a few minutes, and to await my results. Finally, after several extremely nerve wracking moments, the woman in charge of the test came out and gave me my results.

I had passed.

She said I did "very well" and that I was able to take any class at the college now, other than Mathematics (since I still have to take the Math portion of the Accuplacer at a later time.)

So now, starting at the end of next month, I will be taking an English 1 class! Hurrah!