Saturday, March 5, 2011

My First Job Interview

This morning, I went to my first job interview. It was at a job fair for a local water park. A close friend had worked there for several years now, and we went to the job fair together, in his case to reapply, and in my case to apply for the first time ever.

I'd filled out applications and turned them in before, but unfortunately I'd never gotten an interview, or as well as I can tell, a second look.

However, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. And so, when I heard about this job fair a month or so ago, I decided to head in and get an interview, and hopefully a job.

My real preparations, however, started yesterday, as I filled out an application, found some nice clothes to wear, and got a haircut, in the hopes that I might look my best and impress my interviewer.

And so, after filling in my application, and getting a good night's sleep, this morning my friend and I headed out to the job fair.

As we stepped into the job fair, being held at a nearby mega-church (the water park is owned by a family of Christians), the two of us split up since he was a reapplying employee, and I was a first time applicant.

Immediately, I was told to sit down at a table and wait. And wait I did. Finally after around 20-25 minutes, they moved all of the applicants together into one large group, and a man gave a powerpoint presentation, talking mostly about the different poisitions available, mentioning different policies the park had (no visible tattoos, no visible piercings other than girls ears, etc.), and different perks for working at the water park.

Finally the split the large group up, by moving people who were interested in different jobs into different groups. Probably around 75-80% of the applicants were applying mainly to be lifeguards.

As I was applying mainly for retail positions, they moved me into a smaller group. I was one of the first people they interviewed. Unlike most interviews, they split us up into groups of three, and interviewed us all at once. It was interesting. I was the first one who was asked a question.

"Tell me a little bit about yourself."

I told them that I was going to be a senior next year, that I was homeschooled, and various other small tidbits about myself.

"What position's, specifically, are you interested in?"

I told him front gate, or cashier in either the kitchen or locker areas.

"What are you greatest strengths and weaknesses?" He asked, finally.

Ah yes, the big question. I had spent most the time I was waiting debating what my answer to this question would be, should it come up. Did I answer with a fake sounding strength, disguised as a weakness? Should I be honest?

First I started with my strength. I was a people person, and people told me I was quite Charismatic, and good with words, I said.

Finally, for my weakness I decided to go with an actual flaw. I told him I was a "bit high-strung".

Then the two girls sitting at the table had their turns. Humorously enough, their answers to the greatest weakness question was that they were "I'm too friendly." and "I have too good of a personality."

One can only hope my gambit of honesty pays up as I sit here and wait, hopefully, for a callback.