Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finishing Up!

My 16 year old is in the home stretch of homeschooling!  It seems like only yesterday we were starting out on this adventure called homeschooling!  But, in reality that was 14 years ago!   A few months ago I got the idea that my son and I should start a blog and co-blog through rest of his homeschooling career.  I figure there are a lot of people out there that might be interested what it's like to homeschool all the way from start to finish. He liked the idea too. But, I wasn't sure where to start.

We are doing a lot of thinking/prepping for next couple of years already happening.  So I was thinking we should start documenting things sooner instead of later.  Then today I was reading to my 2 younger kids.  We were reading a History book that I used with my oldest 7 years ago.  As I flipped through the book a piece of paper fell out of the back of the book.....It Said:


It took me a couple of seconds to realize what it really said:


There are NO words to explain the flood of emotion that followed.   I had almost forgotten the struggle that it was to teach my son to spell!  It was always a conundrum to me because this was my child that could spontaneously read when he was three!  But spelling was a whole different challenge! For years he struggled with spelling and writing.  It was almost like it was painful to him!  So many times he gave me papers with all the words written backwards.  If he did write the letters in the correct order then more than likely he would write entire sentences and paragraphs with no spaces between the words.  


If this was happening today I  would have been Googling like mad trying to find an answer.  But, back then the internet was pretty new.  Homeschoolers were not connected the way they are now.  So we just kept trying different things.  Finally, I came up with the idea of having him do all his writing on graph paper.  That was the answer for him!  Before long he could write the letters in order with proper spaces.  And as much as we struggled through that I somehow haven't thought of it in years! I honestly don't know if I ever saw that paper before.  If I did I don't remember it.  But today it had SO much meaning!  We have been through SO MUCH together on our homeschool journey.  Some of it was FUN, some of it was HARD, all of it is a TREASURE!

So reading this really made me really think about the fact that my son still needs me!  And although in many ways I wish I could keep the next couple years from happening, I want to be there for him in every way I can! Even though he is  taller than me and has been for quite awhile there are still A LOT of things he needs me for.  We are blessed to have a wonderful relationship and he is very open and honest with me that he is very grateful for my support and involvement in his teen years.  We talk about everything.  We laugh about MUCH that is happening in the world around us as we try to figure it all out together.  I am VERY blessed!  

The idea of this blog is to document the coming years as we get through it together.  Some things will be FUN, some will be HARD and all of it I want to TREASURE! I remember so well people asking way back when we started what we would do about High School.  I always said we take one year at a time and figure it out when we got there.  Well, that has been SO true!  We have taken one year at a time and here we are about to finish the race!

I am amazed and overjoyed with the amazing young man my son has become.  Every day he impresses me with his knowledge and his ability to learn and understand things that are way over my head.  I always use to take comfort in the thought that I only had to stay one day ahead of him.  Now I marvel at how he passed me up in knowledge several years ago!  Nothing could be more rewarding to me since I have been his only teacher.  With that said there are still SO MANY things I still have to teach him!  So many practical things.  Some of it we will figure out together like how to take the SAT and ACT, how to apply to Colleges, etc.  Some of it I will know pretty well like how to apply for a job and how to drive a car. These are exciting days that I know for a fact will go too fast! I invite you to  follow along as we head out on the last leg of our homeschool adventure!

Oh, and we both agreed that I Can Do It's With Mom's Help is the perfect name for our blog!