Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Highschool To College Meeting

Last week our homeschool group held an informal meeting for those of us that are getting ready to transition a student from High School to College.  What a blessing this night was!  (I wish I would have had this two or three years ago!  It's never too early to start getting ready!) We were blessed to have a panel of six homeschool mom's come and talk to us.  Five of them have kids that are currently in College.  One has younger kids, but worked in College Admissions at a small Christian College before she had kids.

Of course my brain was hurting by the end of the night!  The info was SO valuable!  This post is my attempt to try to make some sense on my notes and share a little of what I learned. :^)

Books Recommended

Debt- Free U, How I Paid For An Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships or Mooching Off My Parents
By: Zac Bissonnette

Accelerated Distant Learning The New Way to Earn Your College Degree in the 21st Century
By: Brad Voeller

Fish Out of Water - Preparing Christian students for the secular campus.
By: Abby Nye

Other Websites to Checkout

College Plus - Website (business) coaches you through clepping to a degree for approx. $3000.00  Site for learning how to accumulate college credits the EASY way, using their FREE lesson plans. 

KOHL's Cares for Kid's Scholarship for Young Volunteer's - Keep a record of service in a private online journal of your volunteer time and experiences. You can keep a record of your activities serving your neighbor, your community, your country and the world. Then you can submit those to earn volunteer service awards. - Find a Professor, Find a School, Find a Textbook

Wikipedia page for College Boards - A clear definition of the tests for getting into College and getting scholarships.

Whew!  Now that I have links to all the info I just need to wade through it and figure out what is what!   This should keep me bust for awhile!